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The 6th edition of Agro, Agro Pack & Food Iraq serving the rapidly growing Iraqi agrofood market

Agriculture | Food Processing & Packaging | Ingredients | Food & Hospitality
Professionals only event representing the entire value chain from field to fork

Impressive figures on Iraq’s investments in food and beverage process and packaging technology and food imports confirm how fast Iraq’s agrofood sector is developing.

Investments in food and beverage process and packaging technology

  • Between 2015 and 2021, Iraq’s imports of food and beverage process and packaging technology increased with an annual growth rate of 14%, from €76m to €169m. (VDMA)
  • This makes Iraq the third largest Arab importing country of such technologies in the Middle East after Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

Food imports

  • Between 2017 and 2021, Iraq’s food imports increased with an annual growth rate of 5.3%, from US$ 11.245 billion to US$ 13.827 billion. (WTO)
  • This makes Iraq the third largest food importer in the Arab Middle East, behind Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

The Agro Pack Iraq International Trade Fair, at its 6th edition in 2023, serves this fast-growing Iraqi agrofood market..

What’s on for 2023?

The 6th edition will cover the entire value chain from field to fork.

  • Agro Iraq presents agriculture, crop production, livestock breeding and poultry
  • Agro Pack Iraq covers technology and material for processing food and beverages, as well as ingredients
  • Food Iraq  showcases and trades finished food & beverage products

The value chain is rounded off and completed by the 4th Plast Iraq, taking place concurrently. Here, the focus is on plastic raw material and machinery and equipment for plastics processing, printing and packaging.

Facts & figures on the Iraqi agrofood market

Please see full details of the 2023 event

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National Pavilions 2023

Austria Information Stand

The Austrian Foreign Trade Agency ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA will for the very first time be present at Agro Pack & Plast Iraq 2023 with an information stand representing Austrian companies.

China Pavilion

For the first time, Chinese exhibitors will be present in 2023.


India Pavilion

18 Indian exhibitors in 2022, many more expected for 2023.

Iran Pavilion

Supported by the Trade Promotion Organization of Iran, 54 Iranian exhibitors participate in 2022.

Iraqi participation

Market leaders from Kurdistan and the entire Iraq, 40 Iraqi exhibitors in 2022.

Netherlands Pavilion

The agricultural section of the Netherlands Consulate in Erbil represents the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality of the Netherlands in KRI, 6 Dutch companies present in 2022.

Türkiye Pavilion

Supported by the Republic of Türkiye Ministry of Trade, 75 Turkish exhibitors in 2022.

Recap of the 5th edition of November 2022

  • 7,758 trade visitors from 27 countries
  • 196 exhibitors from 10 countries
  • High level of exhibitor and visitor satisfaction
  • Official country pavilions from India, Iran, the Netherlands and Türkiye
  • Strong presence of local Iraqi and international market leaders
  • For the first time, Agro Pack & Plast Iraq covered Hall 1 and Hall 2, making it the largest ever.

Visitor breakdown 2022

7,774 visitors from 27 countries - Austria, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, India, Iran, Iraq, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Lebanon, Malaysia, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, Syria, Türkiye, United Arab Emirates, USA and Yemen.

Visitor breakdown

  • 5,459 trade visitors from the autonomous Kurdistan Region of northern Iraq (Erbil, Sulaymaniyah, Zaxo, Halabja, Duhok, …)
  • 1,320 from all other Iraqi provinces, many of them invited in delegations as Hosted Buyers:
    494 from Baghdad, 325 Mosul, Kerkuk 281, Basra 55, Babil 33, Necef 27, Karbala 24, Tikrit 21, Anbar 19, Diyala 14, ...
  • 995 trade visitors from outside Iraq

The large number of trade visitors reflects the great interest and high investment needs of the Iraqi agrofood & plastprintpack industry.

What the exhibitors said

  • Marion van Schaik

    Dutch Consulate General- for the Netherlands Pavilion

    Here at Agro Pack, the Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Erbil and the LAN network for Iraq are represented with a group of Dutch companies in the sectors related to agriculture and food.

    The Netherlands and KRI are closely cooperating in the agricultural sector. Especially on knowledge exchange, on strengthening value chains and on partnerships. 

    It is so nice to meet our partners and potential new partners at Agro Pack Iraq. We are also able to introduce the Dutch companies. For us, the Agro Pack Iraq is an excellent meeting platform and a great opportunity to gather market information.

  • Nicolas Belin (left)

    Middle East Manager – Serac

    Serac is a manufacturer with 50 years’ experience of filling and capping machines in bottles and cups for food industry and non-food products and blowing machines for all kind of PET bottles. 

    We see lots of opportunities in Iraq, because it is a big country and the need for local production will grow at fast pace in the coming years to become a major actor in the Middle East. We have met many local companies at the Agro Pack Iraq with growing perspective. We want to reach out to new clients and gain visibility on the local market. Along with presenting our company to local players.

  • Gautam Miglani (middle)

    CEO Marketing – Lekh Raj Narinder Kumar

    Established in 1974, LRNK today enjoys an envious place in the world market as the most quality-conscious in manufacturing and exporting different varieties of rice. 

    The Iraqi market is important to us, because 50% of our business is in this market. We assess that it can grow in the coming years. At Agro Pack Iraq, we have met some old customers and we were able to build new connections.

  • Giovanni Angiolini

    General Manager - Priva Middle East

    Priva was founded over 65 years ago and helps cities transform into sustainable urban deltas by developing cutting-edge technologies, services and knowledge of climate control and process automation for buildings, horticulture and all intermediate sectors.

    Iraq is working hard to maximise its food security strategy. Therefore, we see lots of opportunities for Priva, not only by offering our products and services, but also to collaborate with the government, farmers, retailers and knowledge institutes. 

    We met various representatives from the public and private sectors. Many are very helpful and share the market potential. The interest in horticulture solutions is there, even if this sector is yet a small part of the event.

  • Mostafa Navasi

    Manager Foreign Trade - Bhagwati

    Established in 1991 Bhagwati is one of the leading manufactures and exporters of Basmati rice, with a lot of experience and reliability on high quality standards from farm to destination.

    The Iraqi market holds great potential for our products. Here at Agro Pack 2022, we could meet some new customers, traders as well as local wholesalers.

  • Burhan Kerdige

    CEO - Asel Amg Drinks B.V.

    Asel Amg is a leading producer with offices in Turkey, the Netherlands and Germany, active in the wholesale of beverage products and with a range of certified energy drinks of high quality.

    It is important to us to bring our European quality drinks on the Iraqi market. Agro Pack 2022 has totally met our expectations and provides a great opportunity to us to reach new customers.

  • Hossein Rezaei

    Commercial Manager – Poli Pack

    Poli Pack industrial group was established in June 2006 in Mamunieh industrial town. Currently, the organization is producing high quality prints in helio on BOPP wrappers, polyester, CPP, LDPE and paper in the fields of food, sweets and chocolate, ice cream and dairy, beverages, health products and pharmaceuticals.

    Iraq is an important market to us because it’s our neighboring country. So, we have a close understanding of the market request, culture and language. Also, the transportation and custom clearance process is very easy for us. The visitors here at the show are very professional. We met founders, producers, but also traders and agencies. We are happy with the growth of Plast Iraq & Agro Pack. 

  • Alper Eralp (right)

    Manager - ERKIM

    Erkim is one of the leading producers of PP bags, fabric pouch, types of fabrics and shade nets for the agricultural industry in Türkiye. Our products are designed according to International Standard Quality.

    We are producers of big bags and shade nets and we would like to check out the Iraqi market in this sector. We met private consumers as well as wholesalers at the Agro Pack Iraq.

  • Ibrahim Nabeel Hancioglu (right)

    Sales Manager - Almutahida Packaging

    Almutahida and its sister company Alhemma are plastic packaging companies located in Babylon, Iraq and are currently the market leaders in the country.

    We think that the Iraqi market is a snowball sliding down the hill – so it’s’ getting bigger each second!

    Here at Plast Iraq & Agro Pack, we met lots of our customers, new potential customers and high-quality leads. We have a huge chance to build new partnerships at the show. We want to expand our influence in North Iraq. At the show, we were able to make new contacts and with those we learned even more about the market.

High exhibitor satisfaction ratings

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