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Agro, Agro Pack & Food Iraq 2022: Bigger as ever in Halls 1 & 2 now!

Professionals only event representing the entire value chain from field to fork

Boosted by the great success of the November 2021 event, organisers So Fuar and fairtrade are now preparing the next edition in November 2022.

What’s new? The upcoming edition takes up the two most important recommendations of the exhibitor and visitor survey:

The fair will be condensed from 4 to 3 days, while at the same time admission controls will be tightened. This is intended to limit the audience to trade visitors and to strengthen the professional character of the fair.

The event should represent the entire value chain from field to fork. For this purpose, Agro Pack Iraq will be supplemented by Agro Iraq and Food Iraq, and the fair will be extended from Hall 1 to Halls 1 and 2. To complete the range of products and services and to benefit from synergies, Plast Iraq will be held in parallel.

  • Agro Iraq in Hall 2 presents agriculture, crop production, livestock breeding and poultry
  • Agro Pack Iraq in Hall 1 covers technology and material for processing food and beverages, as well as ingredients
  • Food Iraq in Hall 1 showcases and trades finished food & beverage products
  • Plast Iraq in Hall 1 features plastic raw material in primary forms as well as machinery and equipment for plastics processing, printing and packaging
Recap of the 4th edition of November 2021
“The event exceeded our expectations by leaps and bounds as we met customers from all the Iraqi provinces”*
  • 7,879 visitors from 19 countries
  • 171 exhibitors
  • High level of exhibitor and visitor satisfaction
*Jean S. Zakka, CEO

Zakka Multitec

“For us, Iraq is one of our main markets in the region as we see a large potential in the industrial sector. However, several months back, prior to confirming our participation at the show, we were skeptical of the footfall due to the pandemic. But now, after busy days at our booth we can say the show has definitely exceeded our expectations by leaps and bounds as we met customers from all the Iraqi provinces.

Not only the number and quality of the visitors were brilliant as most were professionals from within the industry and appreciate the high-quality European machines that we supply. But also the show organisers did an excellent job.”

Official country pavilions in 2022 from Germany, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Netherlands and Turkey

German Pavilion

For the first time in 2022, presented by the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture, in cooperation with the Association of the German Trade Fair Industry AUMA. Information stand of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture plus individual stands of German exhibitors and their Iraqi distributors within the official German Pavilion.

Iran Pavilion

Supported by the Trade Promotion Organization of Iran, 47 Iranian exhibitors in 2021.

Iraqi participation

Market leaders from Kurdistan and the entire Iraq, 41 Iraqi exhibitors in 2021.

Jordan Pavilion

Organised by the Jordan Exporters Association, 7 Jordanian exhibitors in 2021.

Netherlands Pavilion

Supported by the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Netherlands Lounge featuring 9 Dutch exhibitors in 2021. In collaboration with the Consulate General of the Netherlands in Erbil, matchmaking is provided.

Turkish Pavilion

Supported by the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Trade, 71 Turkish exhibitors in 2021. The impressive presentation is rounded off with a lounge that invites Turkish exhibitors and their Iraqi customers to network.

What the exhibitors said

  • Hans Akerboom, Consul General 

    Kingdom of the Netherlands

    It's the first time that we are participating at an agro fair here in the Kurdistan region. We are very happy that now ten Dutch exhibitors are participating. That is huge! Not so many other countries are participating at the moment, so we are happy that the Dutch are taking the lead. I think that can be quite big, especially as the Netherlands is one of the biggest investors of agriculture in the Kurdistan region.

    We have a very close connection with the government, for example the Ministry of Agriculture. We are the second biggest exporter in agriculture worldwide as such a small country. That is mainly because we have a lot of innovation. And I think that is the future of agriculture.

    Agro Pack & Iraq plastprintpack looks very professional und I am happy to see that this kind of event can be organised here.

  • Feras al Khateeb, Export Sales Manager 

    Siniora Food Industries, Amman – Jordan

    Iraq has got the largest population in the region, that’s why the Iraqi market is so important to us. We expect the market to grow steadily over the years to come.

    During the past two show days we could discuss business with retailers, end users and distributors. We are satisfied with the outcome so far and we hope to close more and more deals also over the coming two days.

  • Marion van Schaik, Agricultural Counsellor for Iran and Iraq

    Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Tehran

    The Netherlands is closely collaborating with the Kurdistan region in Iraq on agricultural development.

    Now we have 10 Dutch companies in our booth on Agro Pack 2021 to intensify trade. Here, we shared knowledge and made interesting business contacts in the seed potato, dairy, food processing, fruit tree growing and agricultural consultancy sectors.

    We succeeded to match our exhibitors with interested trade visitors as the Netherlands are known for its innovative growers and high tech solutions.


  • Carlo Abbiati, Area Sales Manager

    TEKNOICE - Italy

    At TEKNOICE, we produce machines for the ice cream industry 100% Made in Italy, and this since 1992.

    As the consumption of ice cream in Iraq is very high because of the long season, we traditionally have many customers here. And we are confident that now, through our participation in Agro Pack, we will add some more.

    On the first day of the fair, we have already met many of our existing customers and also some new potential customers. And also people from by-side business. So the fair has started very well for us.

  • Halit Shasheet, Business Area Manager

    BASTAK - Turkey

    Bastak is the Turkish export leader in flour and feed quality control laboratory instruments, flour additives and improvers.  

    As Iraq represents a huge market in the agricultural sector, we are glad to support our Iraqi clients reaching their quality targets.

    Here at the show we have received decision makers from government, but also from potential agents interested in representing us on the Iraqi market. We wish to meet more end users and hope to see them during the last two show days.

  • Ahmed Tayyip, Area Manager

    intermak - Turkey

    Intermak produces turnkey plants and realizes projects along the agrofood value chain. As Iraq is a new market to us we are excited to get to know the major players here.

    Our target group consists of farmers and milk and dairy producers and we have already had quite some good meetings. So we are satisfied and hope on two more good days.

  • Ahmet Deniz, Sales Representatives

    SUNPET - Turkey

    At SUNPET, we produce innovative food and non-food packages as well as pre-form solutions. Because of its proximity and because Turkish products are highly appreciated here, we regard Iraq as a very important market for our company.

    Here at Agro Pack, we are meeting with chips and ice cream producers and, luckily, we are expecting orders coming in soon.  

  • Mustafa D. Al-Tamimy

    MEPEQ - Dubai 

    MEPEQ provides turnkey solutions for packaging industries in liquid food, beverages and chemicals.

    We regard Iraq as a developing market with an improving purchasing power. More and more factories are established, and with this, our potential of finding the right clients is increasing.

    Here at Agro Pack, our target is to raise awareness for investments in high-quality and high-performance machines, despite the price argument. And we are satisfied as many small-scale investors have already visited our stand during the first two days.

  • Sabri Tecelli, Chairman

    MILKMAN - Dubai 

    Since 1981 MILKMAN manufactures food machinery, especially for the dairy industry, and we regard Iraq as an important and developing market.

    We actually participated at Agro Pack without great expectations, but the results for our company are far better than expected.

  • Ali Nalmo, Sales Manager

    Aytav Poultry - Turkey 

    Aytav Poultry as one of the largest poultry equipment manufacturers in Turkey producing demountable livestock transporting coops, broiler equipment, breeding equipment and cage systems.

    As we have realized projects in Iraq and keep on servicing them, Iraq is a major market for us. Here at the show we meet with clients in need of general contractors for their agro & poultry projects. We are glad to say that Agro Pack exceeded our expectations by far.  

  • Zafer Sönmez, Export Sales Specialist

    Yayla Agro - Turkey  

    Yayla Agro is a market leader in the pulses industry and exports in 100+ countries. As we are very close to Iraq, everybody here knows our brand.

    We have made some new leads at Agro Pack 2021 with interest in our products. And we have talked to many who want to become our distributor. This is exactly what we have been looking for.

  • Ghazwan Kafil Idan, Trade Marketing and Distribution Manager

    Atyaf Algeed (Givaudan) - Iraq  

    Iraq is a very important market for our company especially since the Iraqi government supports and protects the local food production. Our clients for our flavours, fragrances and ingredients are owners of factories for the soft drink, juice and chips production.

    Agro Pack 2021 is an excellent and very important event for us to enlarge our horizon of communication and to increase the cooperation between suppliers and project owners. Therefore, we expect prosperity and growth of our company as a result of this event.

  • Jean S. Zacca, CEO

    Zacca Multitec - Iraq  

    Our Iraq branch has been established in 2012 and we have 3 offices in Erbil, Baghdad and Basra. For us, Iraq is one of our main markets in the region as we see a large potential in the industrial sector. We are proud to say we are working with most of the medium and large food and beverage manufacturers, and there is still room to grow thanks to our wide product range. We are able to supply the complete production lines, which include machines for processing, filling and packaging and we provide same-day maintenance services.

    At the 2021 Agro Pack Erbil show we are meeting customers from all the Iraqi provinces, not only Kurdistan. This is quite positive as our exposure is spread throughout the country, and our teams who flew in from other provinces are able to see their existing customers and meet new prospects. The majority of the visitors are from the Food & Beverage industry, with some other from the Agricultural sector. We are indeed very satisfied with the quality of the visitors as most are professionals from within the industry and appreciate the high-quality European machines that we supply.

    Several months back, prior to confirming our participation at the show, we were skeptical of the footfall due to the pandemic as its repercussions were still unknown at the time. We hoped circumstances would not restrict visitors from attending, however now after busy days at our booth we can say the show has definitely exceeded our expectations by leaps and bounds.  Not only the number and quality of the visitors were brilliant, but also the show organizers did an excellent job.


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