This is what the exhibitors said

Hans Akerboom
Consul General - Kingdom of the Netherlands

It's the first time that we are participating at an agro fair here in the Kurdistan region. We are very happy that now ten Dutch exhibitors are participating. That is huge!

The Netherlands is one of the biggest investors in agriculture in the Kurdistan region, and we have a very close connection with the government, for example the Ministry of Agriculture. This trade show is very professional, and I am happy to see that this kind of event can be organised here.

Ali Nalmo
Sales Manager – Aytav Poultry

Aytav Poultry as one of the largest poultry equipment manufacturers in Turkey. As we have realized projects in Iraq and keep on servicing them, Iraq is a major market for us. Here at the show, we meet with clients in need of general contractors for their agro & poultry projects. We are glad to say that this Agro Show exceeds our expectations by far. 

Halit Shasheet
Business Area Manager – BASTAK

Bastak is the Turkish export leader in flour and feed quality control laboratory instruments, flour additives and improvers. Iraq represents a huge market in the agricultural sector. Here at the show, we have received decision makers from government, but also from potential agents interested in representing us on the Iraqi market.

Iraq one of the three largest importers

Iraq is one of the three largest importers of agricultural machinery, silos, feeding, grain and irrigation systems, livestock & poultry breeding and milling and mixing equipment in the Arab Middle East.

Booming poultry industry

Iraqi Kurdistan poultry industry has dramatically increased over the past five years. Haider Farhan, head of Kurdistan Region’s poultry industry High Council: “There are now 2,000 chicken farms in the Kurdistan Region, producing nearly 190 tons of meat annually.”

“Production has increased by 50 percent over the last five years” confirms Ramazan Mohammed, head of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG)’s agriculture and water resources directorate. “We have documented the opening of 338 new official poultry farms during that time, plus about 300 unregistered ones.”

Iraq is the main buyer of Kurdistan’s chicken. Annually, Kurdistan Region’s businessmen and companies buy at least 100-130 thousand tons of live chickens from Kurdistan’s farms and send them to the rest of Iraq alive. Given an average price of 2,000 dinars for each kilo, the trade is worth US$ 216 million.

Iraq imports chicken from 19 countries, the lion’s share coming from Turkey, Brazil, USA and Ukraine, according to official figures from Iraq’s Ministry of Trade and Industry.

Iraq‘s imports of agricultural machinery
(in million €)

Interestingly, Iraq‘s imports of agricultural machinery exceed those of Iran. Between 2012 and 2016, Iraq imported agricultural machinery worth 547 million euros, while Iran imported 464 million euro. (VDMA)

Source: VDMA / Graph: fairtrade

Range of exhibits

  • Agricultural machines, farming tractors, harvesting equipment
  • Analytical equipment
  • Dryers, cleaner, silos and storage systems
  • Feeding equipment
  • Fish farming equipment
  • Grains, grain systems
  • Greenhouse and greenhouse plastics and equipment
  • Irrigation systems
  • Livestock and poultry breeding
  • Milk processing equipment
  • Milling and mixing installations/equipment
  • Pesticides and fertilizers
  • Poultry equipment
  • Seeds, seedlings
  • Stable equipment
  • Veterinary syringes

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