The 2nd iraq agrofood in 2020 builds on positive market data

With US$ 48.4 billion, Iraq reports an enormously high trade surplus for 2018

One of the Middle East’s largest importers of agrofood technology

With exports of hydrocarbons worth US$ 87.3 billion and imports worth US$ 38.9 billion, Iraq succeeded in achieving an enormous trade surplus of US$ 48.4 billion in 2018.

For comparison: Iran’s exports of 98.1 billion US$ are faced with imports of 75.5 billion US$, balance +22.6 billion US$ in  2017/18. Algeria’s exports of 35.2 billion US$ are offset by imports of 46.1 billion US$, balance -10.9 billion US$. 

For 2019, Iraq’s trade surplus is estimated at 41 billion US$. (All figures GTAI)

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