iraq agrofood 2019: Broad interest and National Pavilions from around the globe

It’s been only a few months, that fairtrade presented iraq agrofood for the first time. But already now a broad interest can be noticed, and that across all national borders.

Last but not least, the successful 45th Session of the BIF Baghdad International Fair from 10 to 19 November 2018, with 700+ exhibitors from 18 countries and tens of thousands of visitors, contributed to the increased perception of Iraq as one of the most important markets in the Middle East and to Baghdad as a safe venue. See here a video on BIF 2017 by AP Associated Press, the world's largest and oldest news agency. 

Update on iraq agrofood & iraq plastprintpack 2019: National pavilions and individual exhibitors  

  • Austria – EREMA
  • China – China Pavilion
  • France – French Pavilion featuring Decopack, HTG, … organized by adepta - French Agrofood Association
  • Germany – German Pavilion featuring GEA GRADE, Güntner, Rono, SMF, … Options taken by IPS, Krones, …   
  • India – India Pavilion featuring Samex, …
  • Iran – Iranian Pavilion featuring Negin Khorak Pars, Padideh Pars Machinery, …
  • Iraq – Strong participation from all over Iraq
  • Italy – Italian Pavilion featuring CFT, …
  • Saudi Arabia – Saudi Arabia Pavilion
  • Sri Lanka – Sri Lanka Tea Board 
  • Turkey – Turkish Pavilion featuring Altinbilek, Disan Hidrolik, Genc Degirmen, Opack Makina, Remak, Sezmak Makina, STK Makina, Thermonoks, Yemmak and many others

iraq agrofood enjoys the strong support of the Ministry of Trade of Iraq and its subsidiary institutions, the State Company for Iraqi Fairs & Commercial Services and the Baghdad International Fair Ground.

Iraq buys US$6.3bn a year in food plus hundreds of millions in processing technology

fairtrade goes Baghdad! iraq agrofood & plastprintpack on 15 to 17 April 2019 at the Baghdad International Fair Ground

Daily flights into Baghdad by Emirates, Gulf Air, British, Turkish and Qatar Airways, ...

With iraq agrofood 2019, the German trade fair specialist fairtrade Messe announces a new important trade show for Iraq and invites all interested parties from the world over to participate. 

Currently, the Iraqi market can be characterized by three key figures. The value of its own production of food and beverages amounts to US$ 3 billion. Food imports add up to US$ 6.3 billion. (FAO) And hundreds of millions of dollars are invested annually in modern processing technology.

The new trade show iraq agrofood now wants to play its part in expanding Iraq’s level of self-sufficiency and increasing the supply of safe and high quality food.

iraq agrofood is based on the concept of its highly successful Tehran mother, iran agrofood, which fairtrade has been organising for 25 years, most recently in July 2018 with 1,225 exhibitors from 29 countries and more than 40,000 visitors. 

iraq agrofood is to be held jointly with its partner event plastprintpack iraq at the Baghdad International Fair Ground

Why Baghdad?

Baghdad is easy to reach. Daily flights into Baghdad by Emirates, Gulf Air, British, Turkish and Qatar Airways...

Baghdad is easy to reach from everywhere, as well-known airlines such as Air Arabia, British Airways, Egypt Air, Emirates, flydubai, Gulf Air, Iran Air, Pegasus, Royal Jordanian, Turkish and Qatar Airways among others operate regular flights to the Iraqi capital – see Baghdad Airport.

Security situation in Iraq and Baghdad

Recently, the situation in Iraq and Baghdad has largely returned to normal. An important sign is that embassies of many countries and international companies have since long resumed their work in Baghdad. 

The organizers will operate a shuttle service between the airport, the fairground and the dedicated trade show hotels – the 5star Babylon Warwick Hotel and the 4star Coral Baghdad Hotel  - to ensure a maximum level of security

Trade show business returns back to normal

Also the trade show business goes back to normal as most of the international trade fairs are returning from Erbil in Kurdistan to the 8-million Iraqi capital Baghdad. Just to name a few:

Full exhibition service

  • Powerful media and direct marketing campaign to address the exact target group of buyers
  • Exhibitor presentation in the trade fair catalogue & the agrofood industry portal allowing exhibitors and visitors to communicate 24/7 all year round - including matchmaking
  • Preferred rates in the the 5star Babylon Warwick Hotel and the 4star Coral Baghdad Hotel
  • Facilitation of the entry visa
  • Freight forwarding and customs clearance
  • Shuttle between airport, hotel and fairground
  • Stand building, Internet, electricity, water, air conditioning
  • Stand personnel to do business without worries
  • Forum and company presentations to present your products
  • Security services and general cleaning of the exhibition area

The venue

Baghdad International Fair Ground is by far the most important and best-known exhibition centre in Iraq. The country's most important industrial trade fairs have been held here for decades.


Why Iraq?

US$ 30 billion in reconstruction aid for Iraq

"The commitment of 30 billion US$ in reconstruction aid for Iraq at the Iraq Reconstruction Conference in February 2018 in Kuwait has been the starting signal for our trade show projects in Baghdad", says Martin März, fairtrade’s founder and managing partner.

"We assume that as organizers of iran agrofood we can leverage synergies, as many decision-makers for Iran are also responsible for Iraq and have signaled their serious interest in the new event to us. In particular, we believe that we will benefit from the traditionally very good and close ties between Iran and Iraq." 

At the conference, the donor countries showed massive support. Government representatives from over 70 countries as well as NGO’s and almost 2,000 Iraqi and foreign companies were represented. Iran, an important player in Iraq not only politically but also economically, declared in March that it would make loans available totaling 2.5 billion euros.

Iraq: GDP exceeds Algeria's. One of the three most populous countries in the Arab world. Ranks fourth globally among countries with the most natural resources.

"In preparing for our Iraq projects, we were surprised to learn, that in 2017 Iraq's GDP of 198 billion US$ exceeded Algeria's of 178 billion US$” continues Martin März." (GTAI Germany Trade & Invest). Interestingly, Iraq and Algeria, with around 40 million inhabitants, have about the same population.

Iraq is one of the three most populous countries in the Arab world, after Egypt and on an equal footing with Algeria. The country ranks fourth in the world among the countries with the most natural resources. More on the Iraqi market

A unique concept: iraq agrofood covers the entire value chain - from field to fork

iraq agrofood consists of the 3 sub-brands  iraq agro, iraq food + bev tec and iraq food + hospitality.

Why exhibit in iraq agro?

iraq agro for crop production, agricultural technology and animal husbandry. 

Iraq‘s imports of agricultural machinery

Interestingly, Iraq‘s imports of agricultural machinery exceed those of Iran. Between 2012 and 2016, Iraq imported agricultural machinery worth 547 million euros, while Iran imported 464 million euro. (VDMA)

Source VDMA

Why exhibit in iraq food + bev tec?

iraq food + bev tec for food, beverage, bakery, confectionery and packaging technology and food & drink ingredients.

Iraq’s imports of food and drink processing and packaging machinery

From 2012 to 2017, Iraq imported 524 million € worth of food and beverage processing and packaging machinery, making it one of the five largest buyers of such technology in the Middle East. (VDMA) 

A clear signal of the political will to expand local food production and the „Made-in-Iraq“ trend. Continuous growth is expected in the coming years.

Source VDMA

Exhibition program 2019

  • Process technology
  • Packaging technology
  • Ingredients and auxiliary materials Refrigeration and air-conditioning technology
  • Conveying, transport and storage installations
  • Service firms, organisations, publishers


Why exhibit in iraq food + hospitality?

iraq food + hospitality for food, beverages and foodservice. 

Iraq’s imports of food and agricultural products

Iraq imported US$ 6,333 billion worth of food and agricultural products in 2014. In the same year, the value of food production in Iraq amounted to US$ 2.917 billion. (FAOSTAT)

Exhibition program 2019

  • Food and beverages 
  • Sweets & snacks
  • Hospitality, hotel, shop and catering equipment



plastprintpack iraq 2019- EUROMAP clearly confirms high double-digit annual growth for Iraq between 2009 and 2018

plastprintpack iraq 2019is the trade show for composites & plastics, printing and packaging technology, just like plast & printpack alger for Algeria and the Maghreb, which has been extremely successful since 2008, and similar fairtrade events in sub-Saharan Africa. 

The EUROMAP-European Plastics and Rubber Machinery's country cluster clearly confirms high double-digit annual growth for Iraq between 2009 and 2018.