iraq agrofood & plastprintpack 2019: Exhibitors and organizers express confidence in future development of the Iraqi market

After three days of valuable business contacts at the launch event of iraq agrofood & plastprintpack 2019, exhibitors and organizers express confidence in the future development of the Iraqi market.

State Company for Iraqi Fairs and fairtrade sign contract for 2020

The Director General of the State Company for Iraqi Fairs, Mr Hashim Al-Sudani, his deputy and fairtrade’s MD’s Martin & Paul Maerz sign the contract for iraq agrofood & plastprintpack 2020. In order to accommodate the expected growth, the show will move to Hall 2, with 9,700 sqm, the largest hall on the exhibition grounds.


Visit of delegations

Iraq’s first agrofood & plastprintpack 2019 enabled hundreds of B2B meetings between professional visitors from all over Iraq and 80 exhibitors from 16 countries.  

In addition to private businesses, delegations of the following institutions honored the trade show with their visit: 

  • Ministry of Industry & Minerals  
  • Ministry of Agriculture  
  • Parliamentary Agriculture and Water Committee  
  • Iraqi National Business Council  
  • Iraqi Business Union  
  • Federation of Chamber of Commerce  
  • Baghdad Chamber of Commerce

The purchasing delegation of the Ministry of Industry & Minerals included:

  • Mr Ammar Aljanabi, Advisor to the Minister 
  • Mr Mohammed J.H. Al. Delphi, General Director for Food Production & Chairman of the Board of Directors 
  • Mr Nacer Idris Mehdi Al Madeni, General Director of the Technical Department 

Read here on how the exhibitors evaluate the event and the Iraqi market

Mr. Abdulrahman Alany

IPS-Ingredis Internations LTD. is a trusted partner in the sourcing and supply of quality ingredients, concentrates, additives and flavors worldwide.

For us, the Iraqi market is new, but we are glad to be involved in Iraq. It is a country that is becoming safer and safer and wants to move its industry forward. Here at itaq agrofood, we are particularly interested in beverage and plastics producers in order to get in touch with them. This was the first trade fair in our industry in Iraq, and we are already looking forward to next year's.

iraq agrofood & plastprintpack 2019: 80 exhibitors from 16 countries offered technologies and solutions tailored for the Iraqi market

80 exhibitors from 16 countries offered technologies and solutions tailored for the Iraqi market at iraq agrofood and its partner event plastprintpack iraq.  A great result for a launch event in Iraq.    

The exhibitors came from Austria, China, Germany, India, Iran, Iraq, Italy, Lebanon, Mongolia, Morocco, Russia, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Turkey and United Arab Emirates. 

Check out the list of exhibitors 2019.

What made iraq agrofood & plastprintpack 2019 so unique?

  • Four country pavilions were present already in the launch event, namely from Germany, Iran (see here and here), Sri Lanka and Turkey (see here and here). Additional countries were represented with leading individual exhibitors.  
  • Strong presence of international market leaders food & beverage process technology and ingredients; plastics, printing and packaging; finished food products & hospitality solutions       
  • The interactive agrofood & plastprintpack portals allowing exhibitors and visitors to communicate and to arrange business meetings before, during and after the event, all year round.

Organized by the German trade show specialists fairtrade, the show was held on 15-17 April 2019 at the Baghdad International Fair Ground. 

iraq agrofood enjoys the strong support of the Ministry of Trade of Iraq and its subsidiary institutions, the State Company for Iraqi Fairs & Commercial Services and the Baghdad International Fair Ground. 

Why Iraq?

US$ 30 billion in reconstruction aid for Iraq

"The commitment of 30 billion US$ in reconstruction aid for Iraq at the Iraq Reconstruction Conference in February 2018 in Kuwait has been the starting signal for our trade show projects in Baghdad", says Martin März, fairtrade’s founder and managing partner.

"We assume that as organizers of iran agrofood we can leverage synergies, as many decision-makers for Iran are also responsible for Iraq and have signaled their serious interest in the new event to us. In particular, we believe that we will benefit from the traditionally very good and close ties between Iran and Iraq." 

At the conference, the donor countries showed massive support. Government representatives from over 70 countries as well as NGO’s and almost 2,000 Iraqi and foreign companies were represented. Iran, an important player in Iraq not only politically but also economically, declared in March that it would make loans available totaling 2.5 billion euros. 

Iraq: GDP exceeds Algeria's. One of the three most populous countries in the Arab world. Ranks fourth globally among countries with the most natural resources.

"In preparing for our Iraq projects, we were surprised to learn, that in 2017 Iraq's GDP of 198 billion US$ exceeded Algeria's of 178 billion US$” continues Martin März." (GTAI Germany Trade & Invest). Interestingly, Iraq and Algeria, with around 40 million inhabitants, have about the same population. 

Iraq is one of the three most populous countries in the Arab world, after Egypt and on an equal footing with Algeria. The country ranks fourth in the world among the countries with the most natural resources. More on the Iraqi market

A unique concept: iraq agrofood covers the entire value chain - from field to fork

iraq agrofood consists of the 3 sub-brands iraq agroiraq food + bev tec and iraq food + hospitality

iraq agro for crop production, agricultural technology and animal husbandry.  

Iraq‘s imports of agricultural machinery 

Interestingly, Iraq, with 547 million € between 2012 and 2016, is the Middle East’s second largest importer of agricultural machinery. Right after Saudi Arabia (716 million €), and well before Iran (464 million €) and the UAE (319 million €). (VDMA German Engineering Federation)

Source VDMA

Three key figures to characterize the Iraqi market: Value of own food and beverage production US$ 3 billion, food imports US$ 6.3 billion and hundreds of millions of dollars invested annually in modern processing technology

Why exhibit in iraq food + bev tec?

iraq food + bev tec for food, beverage, bakery, confectionery and packaging technology and food & drink ingredients. 

Iraq’s imports of food and drink processing and packaging machinery

From 2012 to 2017, Iraq imported 524 million € worth of food and beverage processing and packaging machinery, making it one of the five largest buyers of such technology in the Middle East. (VDMA)  

A clear signal of the political will to expand local food production and the „Made-in-Iraq“ trend. Continuous growth is expected in the coming years.

Source VDMA

Exhibition program  

  • Process technology
  • Packaging technology
  • Ingredients and auxiliary materials Refrigeration and air-conditioning technology 
  • Conveying, transport and storage installations
  • Service firms, organisations, publishers


Why exhibit in iraq food + hospitality?

iraq food + hospitality for food, beverages and foodservice.  

Iraq’s imports of food and agricultural products

Iraq imported US$ 6,333 billion worth of food and agricultural products in 2014. In the same year, the value of food production in Iraq amounted to US$ 2.917 billion. (FAOSTAT) 

Exhibition program  

  • Food and beverages 
  • Sweets & snacks
  • Hospitality, hotel, shop and catering equipment